February is Heart Month

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What is Heart Month?  For over 60 years the Heart and Stroke Foundation has organized Heart Month. It is has become one of the largest fundraising campaigns in Canada. February is widely recognized as the month of love. Ahem, Valentine’s Day. It will come as no surprise that February is also a month dedicated to raising awareness for cardiovascular health. While it may be endearing to have your heart skip a beat for the love of your life or for your breath to be taken away, make sure the experience is one of love and not that of oxygen loss or abnormal heart rhythm. Heart disease is a general term that refers to the heart not working the way it should. Various forms of heart disease are present at birth, while other forms develop as we age. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and staying up to date with medical research, resources and care are critical components to reducing heart disease and living your best heart-healthy life. Get Involved

  • Start with the basics… wear red to raise awareness
  • Eat heart-healthy foods (2019 Canada’s Food Guide)
  • Reduce stress by practicing age-appropriate physical activity
  • Prepare for heart health emergencies with the purchase of an AED 
  • Get screened for risk factors. Understand your unique risks.
  • Become an organ donor and/or donate blood at your nearest clinic
  • Learn CPR. Get certified. Contact First Aid Canada.
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Promote overall wellness with a healthy sleep schedule

Did you know? Cardiac arrest – a potential symptom of a heart attack and stroke – occurs when electrical activity in the heart malfunctions. This can happen suddenly and without warning. It is important that you and your family, friends and coworkers learn CPR because with a combination of dialing 911, early CPR and defibrillation you can increase the chance of survival by 75% or greater when performed on someone suffering from cardiac arrest. In the spirit of February being Heart Month, First Aid Canada is offering reduced pricing and free shipping on all AED orders! Shop now while supplies last.  Follow us on Instagram  for more heart healthy tips, tricks and interesting facts.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.