Cottage on the lake


Are You Cottage Ready? 


With the weather heating up it has many of us daydreaming of our future cottage days... Lying on the dock, cruising in the boat and of course jumping into the lake. With great fun comes all the more need to be prepared when an emergency presents itself. Because cottages are often in remote locations being prepared to handle injuries both big and small will prevent hospital visits and allow for more fun to be had at the cottage! 

Here are a few of our recommendations for items to have onsite at the cottage:

Adventure Kit 

Smaller kits, such as the First Aid Canada Adventure Kit are handy to have onsite at the cottage for multiple reasons. Because these kits are small and compact they are great for daily excursions such as picnics or nature walks. Containing items such as alcohol antiseptic swabs, insect repellant and various sizes of fabric bandages makes this kit ideal for active families.

Wilderness Kit 

The First Aid Canada Wilderness Kit is also recommended for active families, as it is similar to the Adventure Kit, but contains additional items to prepare for extended outdoor use. This kit contains BzK wipes, an emergency blanket, insect repellant, sunscreen towelettes and much more. For a more detailed look of the full list of kit contents check out our Wilderness Kit page.

Hiking Kit

Are you a hiking enthusiast? Then the First Aid Canada Hikers’ Kit is right for you. This kit comes in two different versions: Hikers’ Kit – Standard and Hikers’ Kit – Deluxe. This kit contains everything needed to set out on great hiking adventures from the cottage. Being small, compact and encompassed in a lightweight, multi-compartment pack with an adjustable waist belt and quick release buckle makes it convenient for bringing along on your journey.

Cottage Kit 

Of course every kit needs a Cottage Kit! This kit comes in two variations the Cottage Kit - Standard and the Cottage Kit - Deluxe. Both kits contain items such as Butterfly Skin Closures and WoundSeal, which are crucial to have at the cottage. As mentioned above being in remote locations means all the more reason to be prepared to prevent infection and heal injuries quickly and efficiently. WoundSeal actually closes up wounds that may require stitches when a medical facility is nowhere near.

Emergency Survival Kit 

Is your cottage in an extremely remote location such as an island or miles away from the nearest doctor or hospital? If so you may want to consider an Emergency Survival Kit. There are two different variations of this kit: Emergency Survival Kit – 1 Person and Emergency Survival Kit - 1-2 People. These kits contain items such as an Emergency Blanket, Food Rations and Waterproof Matches, which have the potential to save lives in various emergency situations. 

Watersports Kit 

Are you spending a lot of time on the water, more specifically in your boat and taking part in water sports? Then the First Aid Canada Watersports Kit is an excellent choice for the boat. This type of kit comes in two variations the Water Sports Kit I and the Water Sports Kit II, each containing an extensive assortment of first aid emergency treatment and patient discomfort supplies for quick response to injuries and sickness that may occur in an outdoor water setting.

Please feel free to contact the First Aid Canada Team with any questions you may have on the kits mentioned above. We can be reached at 1-855- 322-4243 Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM est. We want you to have the best and safest summer yet! 


Life is Precious. Be Prepared.