5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

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5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

As we are well into Heart Month 2018 – If you haven’t been following on social media we have been posting an interesting “Fact of The Day” or health tip every day to celebrate #HeartMonth!

In this week’s blog we’ve decided to share a few heart disease prevention tips to encourage you and your loved ones to make healthier choices every day to benefit your overall health and well-being.

1. Take Responsibility for Your Health

The first step to becoming healthier and reducing your risks of heart disease is to take full responsibility for your health. Once you have accepted that you are the only person responsible for your health you can begin to make healthier choices each day. Take the time to learn about different health concerns that run in your family which may present particular risks for you, for example diabetes. If you have diabetes or are at risk for it diabetes can increase your risk of heart disease dramatically.

2. Do Not Smoke or Expose Yourself to Second Hand Smoke

As you are probably aware smoking is extremely dangerous, unhealthy and can be very detrimental to your health. This is the same for second hand smoke. If you are currently smoking make a conscious effort to quit and avoid being around those who do. The evidence that smoking leads to not only heart disease, but lung disease, peripheral vascular disease and stroke is extremely overwhelming.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

By making a conscious effort to eat healthy and balanced portions each day you are decreasing your risk of heart disease. High fat diets and diets high in cholesterol increase risks of heart disease and diabetes. As mentioned above diabetes puts people at a much higher risk of heart disease. Be sure to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly if this is a risk for you. Simple, yet effective tips are to stay away from fad diets, incorporate a fruit or vegetable into every meal and snack and to push away from the table when you are full.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is extremely important as it regulates blood flow throughout the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and promotes fat-loss. It is recommended that adults take 10,000 steps per day and this can easily be achieved by making lifestyle choices such as walking to work, walking on your lunch break and circulating throughout the office during the day. It is recommended that people also participate in 3-4 sessions of physical activity throughout the week, this can be achieved through gym sessions, sports, jogging, etc. Find whatever works for you and make a conscious effort to incorporate it into your weekly routine!

5. Limit Stress

Stress is fun for no one. It is important to recognize stressors in your life and what causes them as they can lead to heart disease and other illnesses. Stress combined with heart disease can lead to heart attack or sudden death. By finding the root of stress you can identify the triggers and take action to diminish anxious feelings. Regular exercise and calming activities such as yoga and meditation can work wonders in reducing stress. Find what works for you and always remember to breath! Your life depends on it.

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In conclusion, we hope you found a few simple tips to incorporate into your everyday life and share with your loved ones to help prevent heart disease. Don’t let those close to you become another statistic!

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.