Safety Tips for Canadian Summer Camps

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Safety Tips for Canadian Summer Camps

Summer is almost here and we know that means your little ones are looking forward to attending Summer Camp or you, yourself have the joy of working or volunteering at one! Did you know First Aid Canada is a Preferred Vendor of the Ontario Camps Association?

Canada is a beautiful country to explore and discover which is why we want to minimize any possibilities of leaving the great outdoors to see a doctor or head to the hospital. By being fully prepared and stocked with first aid supplies injuries can be minimized, and hospital visits can be avoided entirely!

The most common kits used by Canadian summer camps are the Provincial First Aid Kits. Each Province within Canada requires a different kit based on the amount of people working at a specific place, the type of work and the establishments radius from emergecy medical care. To view the contents of the Provincial Regulation First Aid Kits, click here.

In addition to Provincial Regulation First Aid Kits, the following products are often reccomended:

Other smaller kits, great for day trips from camp are:

Defibrillators are also reccomended as they have the ability to save lives in the case of an emergency. It is unfortunately that cardiac arrest can strike at any age, at any time. 

In order to be prepared for such an emergency the First Aid Canada Team recommends the Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator specifically. This choice is popular among camps because it gives Leaders the opportunity to port this kit to different events, for example the swimming pool or the soccer field. This device is also easy enough for a third grader to operate without training as it has informative voice commands. When maintenance is needed the device will sound to inform those around that it is time to check up on the AED. For a demonstration see the video below:

If you have any further questions regarding your first aid needs please do not hesitate to contact the First Aid Canada Team.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.