How to Seal Wounds With Powder

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What if we told you when you were distances away from medical care you could seal a wound that would normally require stitches with powder? You would probably doubt it, but the truth is this is actually possible with the help of WoundSeal.

WoundSeal is a non-prescription powder bandage which can be applied to external wounds that have blood, such as skin tears. The powder is made of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate and forms a waterproof scab when mixed with blood within seconds. The scab naturally falls off once the wound has healed. WoundSeal is also hypoallergenic and can be easily applied with with three different types:

3 Types:

1. WoundSeal Rapid Response

WoundSeal Rapid Response is for use on larger wounds.

2. WoundSeal Pour Pack

The WoundSeal Pour Pack is for use on minor wounds.

3. WoundSeal with Applicator

The WoundSeal with Applicator is for use on minor wounds.

WoundSeal is most definitely helpful in outdoor situations and for work or leisure as unexpected accidents can often occur. If you have any questions on WoundSeal or other products available from First Aid Canada we can be reached between 9-5 EST at 1-855-322-4243.

More information on the creators of WoundSeal, click here

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