Finding the Right Camping Kit for You

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Camping in Wilderness

Finding the Right Camping Kit for You 

Are you taking advantages of the beautiful, Canadian summer? If the answer is yes ask yourself if you are prepared. Camping is one of Canadian’s favourite activities during the summer months, but they can also yield unexpected and traumatic incidences, thus it is important to be prepared for when these accidents may occur.

Luckily, First Aid Canada has multiple first aid kits for hiking and cottages, etc. as well as products to treat burns and heal wounds, such as WoundSeal. There are a few kits that are popular among Canadian campers so we thought we would introduce you to them to help you better understand which “camping” style of First Aid Kit would best suit your lifestyle and your needs:

Hikers’ Kit – Deluxe

The First Aid Canada Hikers’ Kit Deluxe is ideal for extended hiking excursions, making it also a choice for campers who partake in less vigorous camping trips. This kit contains additional recommended first aid supplies to treat serious wounds and trauma related injuries in an outdoor setting as well as items to treat smaller injuries such as, insect bites, blister care and prevention and sun care. All of these products are packaged in a lightweight multi-compartment pack, which features an adjustable waist belt and quick release buckle.

Cottage Kit – Deluxe 

The First Aid Canada Cottage Kit – Deluxe is ideal for being prepared at the cottage as it is optimal for treating injuries occuring in outdoor and indoor settings. Depending on your level of shelter while camping this kit could be a great fit for your family as it consists of supplies for treating serious injuries as well as minor injuries such as big bites.

Survival Kit – 1-2 People

The First Aid Canada Survival Kit is recommended for those campers who partake it vigorous excursions. This kit is convenient, portable and contains first aid and emergency survival supplies that are designed to treat minor wounds and provide necessities of life in high-stress emergency situations on land or water. This kit is also an excellent response kit for natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes making it extremely durable.

Additional products such as WoundSeal can be purchased separately. WoundSeal can actually seal wounds that would normally require medical attention just with the sprinkle of powder. If you are curious as to how WoundSeal works, you can check out our previous blog: How to Seal Wounds With Powder

For any additional questions or inquiries the First Aid Canada Team can be reached at 1-855-322-4243 anytime between 9-5 EST.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.