Close up of a first aid kit

How to Respond to an Emergency: Step-by-Step


Would you know how to handle an emergency? Here is a brief step-by-step guide to remind you how to handle yourself and others when it comes to an emergency situation:


Remain Calm


The most important thing when facing an emergency is to remain calm. Remaining calm will help anyone else involved in the situation present their selves in the best way to move forward to help those affected and potentially save lives.


Keep People Away from the Site and Situation


When an emergency occurs it can draw a lot of attention. It is important to keep away anyone who is not involved or who does not have valuable skills to share such as valid First Aid Training...


Administer First Aid to Anyone Requiring It


Are you trained in First Aid and CPR? If you aren't be sure to look for courses offered in your area. Although we hope you never have to use the skills you will learn at CPR & First Aid Training they can mean the difference between life and death.


Call Emergency


If anyone around you has access to a phone direct them to call 9-11. If you are the only additional person involved in the situation try to remain calm and call 9-11.


Use Available Resources to Give Directions to Bystanders


Depending on the severity of the emergency you may need to take control to direct bystanders to help you within the situation. This could involve: directing someone to call 9-11, asking someone to bring you water or other necessary supplies. Be direct and precise with your directions to ensure the situation does not get chaotic.


Stay Alert when Emergency Vehicles Arrive


Stay alert when the emergency vehicles arrive. Contiue to administer any first and and CPR until the professionals arrive.


We hope you never have to face an emergency situation in your lifetime, but it is always important to be well-prepared. First Aid Canada is proud to offer a wide variety of First Aid Supplies and Defibrillators.


Life is Precious. Be Prepared.