What to do if you knock out a tooth?

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Girl Missing Tooth

First Aid for Knocked-Out Tooth

No one wants to think about the possibility of having a tooth knocked out or picture it. However, with all things in life it is important to be educated when you feel this could be a danger, for example if you are a hockey player, cyclist or work in an environment where this could be a future risk.

Step 1: Collect Teeth and/or Fragments

  • Collect fragments
  • Only touch the crown (top part of the tooth), be sure to not touch the root
  • Rinse tooth gently if necessary

Step 2: Re-Insert or Store Teeth

  • Rinse tooth with warm water
  • If possible reinsert tooth in correct socket and bite down on gauze
  • If teeth cannot be reinserted store in whole milk or between cheek and gum (this prevents the tooth from drying out

Step 3: Treat Injury

  • Use sterile gauze or cloth to control bleeding
  • Apply a cool compress to reduce pain and swelling
  • If necessary, take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief

Step 4: Seek Help

  • If you were able to reinsert teeth successfully see a dentist immediately
  • If the teeth were unable to be reinserted go to an emergency room
  • For all chipped or broken teeth see a dentist

May the loss of a tooth never happen to you!

Products such as gauze and absorbent dressings are available on the First Aid Canada site, however it is recommended to have a quality first aid kit onsite at work or in sporting environments.

Some of our most commonly purchased kits in sporting environments include:

For additional kits for other environments such as workplace or home, click here. Please, feel free to contact the First Aid Canada Team with any questions you may have regarding first aid and safety: 1-855-322-4243. We are here to keep you prepared.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.