Tips for Babysitting First Aid

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Tips for Babysitting First Aid

Being a responsible caretaker means being prepared. Feeling confident in your problem solving and first aid skills can allow you to relax and focus on the children you are caring for.

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while child-minding:

Stay Focused

It is important to keep your eyes on the children at all times while they are awake. There can be an assortment of hazards both indoors and outdoors with appliances, plants, animals, etc. If you are asked to complete an additional task by the parents while you are minding the children be sure they are in eyesight while completing the task. After the children are put to bed, be sure you are close enough to hear them if they should wake up and need assistance.

Know Key Contacts

It is a great idea to have key contacts listed within the home and on yourself whether it be on a piece of paper or in your cellphone. These key contacts should include the child’s parents/guardians, additional family members, neighbours, family doctor and any other contacts which the parents feel may be necessary.

First Aid Skills and Supplies

Before you accept a new babysitting job make sure you are fully capable of handling an emergency should one occur. There are various babysitting courses offered within the community, however it is advised young babysitters enroll in additional courses such as an Infant CPR course or Standard First Aid and CPR.

While on the job, be sure to know where the families’ first aid supplies are located within the household and that they have the necessary supplies, for example:

First Aid Canada offers smaller compact kits which are helpful to bring along on the job:

Feel free to contact the First Aid Canada Team with any questions you may have regarding first aid and safety: 1-855-322-4243. We are here to keep you prepared.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.