Summer Road Safety

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Summer Road Safety

According to the Canada Safety Council, “More fatalities occur on Canadian roads during the summer months than at any other time of year, including the winter holiday season.” Unfortunately this is due to alcohol, fatigue and reckless driving. Whether you’re headed out onto the road for one last road trip before summer ends or off to the beach, both the Canada Safety Council and First Aid Canada recommend being prepared on the road.

Before You Head Out

Before you head out on the road for an adventure it is important to check the functions of your vehicle and make sure that all regular tune-ups and fluid changes have been completed. This will avoid unwanted roadside emergencies and of course a delay on your exciting plans.

Ensure Passenger Safety

Be sure all passengers have working seatbelts and remain buckled in at all times before heading out onto the road. Children have different safety requirements within vehicles depending on their age and size. It is important to check regulations and be sure you have the adequate car seats.

Stay Alert

Road trips mean lengthy periods of driving which can create a threat of exhaustion. It is important to stop regularly to fuel up your vehicle, but also stretch your legs and remain hydrated. If you become tired on the road, take a break. If needed pull over in a safe area and take a nap. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Have a Vehicle Distress Kit

Vehicle Distress Kits are necessary for any vehicle whether it be family, commercial or personal. First Aid Canada highly recommends our Vehicle Distress Kits, which contain items to help you out in even the stickiest situations on the road. Our Vehicle Distress Kits come in three sizes:

Each kit contains a variance of items to best suit your needs and the needs of your vehicle. For a list of kit contents, you can click on the links above.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.