Preventing Unpleasant Insect Interactions

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Preventing Unpleasant Insect Interactions

With the sun coming out more and more people are headed to the woods, beaches, lakes and rivers to camp out. Canada has so much natural beauty it is only necessary we all take advantage of the sights while the weather is in our favour. However; camping trips and being within nature means dealing with pesky flies, wasps and mosquitos. Luckily, First Aid Canada has many options to choose from in regards to prevention and treatment of insect bites and stings.


In regards to preventing insect bites and stings First Aid Canada is pleased to offer three different brands. Here is a little more information on each of their offerings in hopes you will find one which best suits your lifestyle needs:

Croc Bloc

Croc Bloc Insect Repellant is extremely effective against mosquitoes and all biting insects including fleas and ticks, black flies, deer flies, gnats, biting midges, and mites. This product lasts 4-6 hours and has a very light scent. Croc Bloc is available in both towelettes and sprays. If you require a larger job of repelling hornets and wasps Croc Bloc also offers an insecticide spray for dealing with unwanted nests. To learn more about each of the products click the links below:


Muskol insect repellant has the power to repel mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges, deer flies, stable flies, ticks and chiggers. Each application of Muskol provides up to 8 hours of protection! For more information on the products available check out the links below: 


Off! Insect Repellant is wards away biting insects, including mosquitoes, black flies, ticks, fleas and gnats. These products are well known for being non-greasy and quick-drying. The Deep Woods insect repellant can protect your skin from pesky insects in the wilderness whereas the Skintastic and Active repellants are for use in everyday outdoor situations. Skintastic contains added aloe vera for skin moisturization and Off! Active Repellant is reccomended for outdoor sports. For additional information on each of the products check out the links below: 

Be sure to contact the First Aid Canada Team if you have any questions regurding insect repellant or use of product. Stay tuned for our blog next week where we will be covering treatment for unpleasant insect interactions!

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.