How to Treat Burns

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How to Treat Burns 

Burns can occur more frequently over the holidays due to hazards such as Christmas lights, candles and holiday cooking. To prevent hospital visits it’s important to be prepared in the home to treat yourself if any burn-related accidents occur. First Aid Canada offers a few different options in regards to burn treatment:

Water-Jel Cool Jel

Water-Jel Cool Jel is a gel formulation that works quickly in emergency situations by cooling and soothing the inflicted area. The non-toxic and non-irritating gel formula also provides a protective barrier against bacteria to ensure protection against contamination.

2nd Skin Burn Dressing

2nd Skin Burn Dressings are moist, transparent pads saturated with sterile water. This provides a comfortable protective barrier on the skin, hence the name, “second skin.” This dressing is also non-adherent so it will stick to the wound or cause discomfort making a great option for treating minor burns occurring in the home.

Water-Jel Emergency Burn Kit I

If you’re looking for a home-sized burn kit consider the Water-Jel Emergency Burn Kit I. This kit comes fully stocked to treat all minor burns occurring in the home. It includes:

Have any questions on any of these products? Feel free to give us a call: 1-855-322-4243. Happy Holidays from the First Aid Canada Team!

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