Do you own a Vehicle Distress Kit?

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Winding Winter Road

Do you own a Vehicle Distress Kit?

While the weather outside is frightening and January’s heating bill most likely has an extra digit before the decimal, that after-work, spiked hot chocolate is all the more comforting. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a last minute winter safety kit for your vehicle, leaving you with a list to check off while you add some extra marshmallows.

Because the weather’s predictability doesn’t have a formulated equation, having a safety kit prepared within the vehicle for possible emergencies is always a trending idea. First Aid Canada is pleased to offer specially designed vehicle distress kits containing a comprehensive assortment of first aid and emergency rescue supplies.

Vehicle Distress Kit - Small

Ideal for motorist distress emergencies; the Vehicle Distress Kit – Small is packaged in a portable, lightweight, water-resistant 420-denier nylon pack complete with shoulder straps. Inside the kit you will find crucial items for vehicle emergency situations such as Automobile Accident Reporting Cards, a Call Police Banner and a Quick Books, Guide To Car Care & Emergencies. There are also plenty of bandages in various sizes ideal for treating all types of wounds – minor or more severe. Rest assured, comfort is key with our orange plastic whistle, emergency flares and flashlight, ensuring optimal safety this season. For extended relief there is also a blanket, food rations and purified drinking water, but we hope you will never have to use them!

The Vehicle Distress Kit from First Aid Canada is available in four different sizes:

Vehicle Distress Kit – Small
Vehicle Distress Kit – Medium
Vehicle Distress Kit – Large
Vehicle Distress Kit – Extra-Large

 As we all know, safety is essential and accidents happen, which means keeping a quality first aid kit in your vehicle is crucial.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.