Checklist: Summer Roadtrip

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Long Summer Road

Checklist: Summer Roadtrip

The Summer brings beautiful weather and vacations! Whether you’ve planned a roadtrip up to cottage country or one across the country this checklist will come in handy:

Route Check

Before heading out on your adventure be sure to check the road conditions ahead, such as those affected by weather or accidents. There are apps such as Waze, which can come in very handy, even on a shorter commute to work. Waze is a GPS app which will alert you of smaller road conditions such as potholes, but also larger issues such as traffic jams or accidents.

Vehicle Check

Prior to your trip be sure to check that your vehicle is up-to-date in all areas such as tires, oil changes, etc. Avoid any possible roadside emergencies by taking the time to have your vehicle checked over by a professional beforehand. The last thing you want to hear is your little one exclaiming, “Are we there yet!” As you attempt to change a tire.

Vehicle Distress Kit

Do you own a vehicle distress kit? First Aid Canada offers a variety of vehicle distress kits containing items which will aid in minor first aid to larger accidents and roadside issues. Our vehicle distress kits are available in smallmediumlarge and extra-large sizes.


This one is a given! But of course we could not forget it. Seatbelts are so incredibly important we needed to make sure this is included on the list. Newer vehicles have notification sounds in regards to setbelts being on, but it never hurts to souble check your passengers, especially the younger ones who may need assistance with their booster car seats.


Hydration is key every day. No matter if you are driving with the air conditioning on through Northern Canada, hydration keeps you healthy and alert. Reusable water bottles go a long way in Canada as we are a country abundant with fresh water! Staying hydrated means staying safe, drink up!

Stay Alert

Staying alert is key on a roadtrip. Rest if you feel the need to, this includes pulling over to the side of the road to take a nap if you need. Do not rely on stimulants such as caffeine or energy drinks to keep you focused on the road. The best thing you can do for yourself and your passengers is to take a simple rest to ensure safety.

Have an amazing trip!

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