Basic Wilderness Survival Guide

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Basic Wilderness Survival Guide

Clothing provides warmth and offers protection from environmental elements. Hats offer protection from the sun, rain and provide warmth in the cold. Layers of light, natural fibers are highly recommended as they offer adjustable warmth. A waterproof outer layer of clothing, such as a windbreaker coat are necessary for any environment as consistently surprises.

Endless amounts of equipment can be carried along to promote survival in any situation. Items recommended to carry in your pockets include:

*Packing Tip: For smaller excursions consider these products in single-use packets.

Survival Kit
Every survivalist should carry a professionally designed survival kit. These types of kits will ensure the proper treatment of injuries and wounds in an outdoor setting.

*Packing Tip: This kit comes in the form of a backpack for wilderness convenience.

In addition to a survival kit, a high-quality, comfortable backpack is mandatory. Items to include within the backpack are:

*Packing Tip: Consider the packaged food rations and filtered water offered online to save packing room.

The First Aid Canada Team will be on location at The Survival Expo in Niagara Falls on August 8th and 9th.

“The Survival Expo was established to help people share knowledge and products. Through seminars, group courses and of course many vendors you will find everything you need that relates to Prepping, Homesteading, Self-Reliance and Off Grid Living.”

For more information on The Suvival Expo, please click here.

Please feel free to contact the First Aid Canada Team with any questions or concerns about our survival supplies, equipment and kits.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.