5 Ways to be Prepared in 2017

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5 Ways to be Prepared in 2017

Happy New Year! The First Aid Canada team would like to start off by wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy new year! Below are 5 tips on being prepared for the new year in regards to safety and well-being:

1. First Aid Kit for the Home

A quality First Aid Kit for the home stocked with the supplies needed to treat minor scrapes, cuts and bruises to accidents a little more painful such as burns; can mean the difference between treating an injury at home and a hospital visit. First Aid Canada is pleased to offer two different sizes of First Aid Kits for the home:

2. Certification in First Aid & CPR

Would you know how to save a life in an emergency situation? Whether this be properly treating an injury before paramedics arrive or delivering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation if you feel you would have no clue to do, put taking a First Aid and/or CPR course on your New Year’s Resolution list. It could mean the difference between life and death!

3. Vehicle/Emergency First Aid Kit

With the beautiful landscapes and winding roads of Canada it is all too common we hear about car accidents and car failures. Prepare yourself for 2017 by obtaining a Vehicle Emergency Kit. These kits come in four different sizes (listed below) and are stocked full of supplies to aid your family or someone else on the road during an emergency. Click on each kit to find out more about the contents. 

 4. Being Aware of Safety Supplies Around You

Where do you spend the most time outside of your home? Is it at the workplace? At the community centre? At school? Take a conscious look around at the safety preparedness of each location. Do they have a fully stocked First Aid Kit – And if they do, do you know where it is located? It is also crucial for public spaces to have an Automated External Defibrillator Onsite for emergencies. If you are unfamiliar with what an AED is or how it works, click here. Be sure to familiarize yourself to the safety resources in the spaces around you in case of an emergency.

5. Stay Fit and Healthy

Lastly, stay fit and stay healthy. It is all too common we hear of this being on the top of everyone’s resolution list and slowly, but surely it slides off of the radar. Make a conscious effort to optimize your health and fitness to prevent disease. Unfortunately, Heart Disease is among the top killers of Canadians and can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Use Facts such as this for motivation to be the best you in 2017! Your body is the only one you have so get out for a walk each day and fuel your body with colourful and nutritious foods.

Happy New Year!

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.