5 Simple Tips for Stress-Free Living

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5 Simple Tips for Stress-Free Living

Stress can certainly put a number on your precious heart and your overall health. The First Aid Canada Team has put together 5 simple tips to inspire you to diminish stressors in your life to live happier and healthier. 

Plan Your Week

Often times we begin to feel stress come on when we find ourselves overwhelmed by our schedule. By having a planner whether it be digital or a book to document daily activities and/or appointments you can limit unexpected overlaps in comittments. Be sure to schedule yourself pockets of extra time and free time to take part activities which bring you joy such as fitness or calling a friend.


We all know it is good for us, yet many of us fail to make it a priority in our daily schedules. Exercise not only does great things for the health of the body, but it also works wonders on the mind. Physical activity releases endorphins, which make you happy! If you are someone who struggles with incorporating exercise or physical activity into your schedule check out our previous blog for helpful tips on getting started:

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Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is not only beneficial for your body, but also for your mind. Choose to feed your body healthy and vibrant foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed or packaged goods. After only one day you will notice the difference! If you need some added tips on how to incorporate heart healthy foods into your diet, check out this blog:

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Maintain Healthy Relationships

Be sure to spend time every day with or conversing with people who leave you feeling positive and refreshed. If you are able to seperate yourself from those who make you feel negative or unhappy, do so. By surrounding yourself with positive people, or engaging in positive conversations on on a daily basis you can increase your mood and state of mind significantly. 

Practice Mindfulness

Wether it be a few minutes journalling, thinking about what you are grateful for, or taking some quiet time to mediatate each day, practicing mindfulness can do wonders for your health. Clear your mind and release any tension the day has brought and you will notice significant changes in your positivity and sleeping patterns.

May you live happily and healthily! 

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