5 Reasons Why a Vehicle Emergency Kit is a Good Idea

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5 Reasons Why a Vehicle Emergency Kit is a Good Idea

Vehicle Emergency Kits can come in handy for multiple reasons in different scenarios. Although we truly hope you never have to open your Vehicle Emergency Kit, here are some situations in which it can truly help:

Unpredictable Road Conditions

One of the main reasons why one should obtain a vehicle emergency kit is because weather and road conditions are often unpredictable. Whether it be rain, snow, hail, wildlife, etc. there are multiple items within the First Aid Canada Vehicle Distress Kit(s) which can aid you and your passengers in small-larger accidents. Some of these items include a rain poncho, a whistle, fuses, multiple sizes and types of bandages.

Portable First Aid Kit

Going on a roadtrip? Heading out for a camping trip? No need to pack along an extra first aid kit when you have a fully stocked one in your vehicle. First Aid Canada’s Vehicle Emergency Kits are fullu equipped and packaged in a portable, lightweight, water-resistant 420-denier nylon pack complete with shoulder straps and imprinted with S.O.S (in sizes small-large).

Roadside Assistance

It’s never enjoyable when your vehicle is experiencing issues on the road or even breaks down. With the Vehicle Distress Kit on board a lot of worries and anxieties can be put out the window. Some of these items include: Roadside Assistance, Call Police Banner, Quick Books – Guide To Car Care & Emergencies and more!

Good Samaritan 

Have you ever passed someone on the side of the road in need to roadside assistance, such as booster cables or tire valve caps? Did you felt slightly guilty passing by them knowing you wished you could help, but just didn’t have the equipment? Well, with a fully stocked Vehicle Distress Kit you would have all of this equipment and more. Just take a look at how stocked the Extra-Large Vehicle Distress Kit is by clicking here.

The Feeling of Preparedness

How good does it feel to leave the house knowing you are prepared for whatever obstacles the road may put in front of you? By having a fully stocked First Aid Kit on board you can have an ease of mind knowing that you are prepared for multiple different accidents or emergencies that could occur, keeping not only you, but all of your passengers safe.

The First Aid Canada Vehicle Distress Kit comes in four different sizes:

If you have any questions in regards to the kits or the kit contents, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the First Aid Canada Team.

Life is Precious. Be Prepared.