CPR Face Mask w/One-Way Valve, Gloves & Antimicrobial Wipe in Plastic Case

  • Reusable physical protection barrier
  • Used as a physical barrier to prevent the victim’s breath and bodily fluids from reaching the rescuer
  • One-way valve and directional diaphragm prevents back-flow of air and contaminants
  • Innovative construction includes a specially designed viral and bacterial filter for extra protection
  • Medical-grade thermoplastic mask for effective ventilation through both the nose and mouth
  • Features a soft inflated cuff for a leak-proof seal and added patient comfort
  • Includes an oxygen inlet for optional supplemental oxygen
  • Packaged in a compact, hard shell carrying case
  • Complete with head strap


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Product Specifications

Brand: Safecross
Manufacturer Product Code: 17744

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