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3 Warning Signsof Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest can happen at any age and at any time. Although these incidences can be extremely hard to predict there are three red flags or warning signs, which could save your life.



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 Ice Hockey First Aid Reccomendations


With the hockey season beginning it’s time to get prepared! It is important to gel as a team and work together whether it be with skills or in the case of an emergency.

Responsibilities every team has to maintain:

Accurate medical...

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Stroke Awareness: Signs & Symptoms


A stroke is a sudden loss of brain function. There are two main types of stroke, this includes an ischemic stroke, caused by the interruption of blood flow to the brain or a hemorrhagic stroke, caused by the rupture of blood...

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Defibrillators Save Lives in Schools


Having an AED onsite at school can mean the difference between life and death. Being September we felt it was important to go into detail of the value of having a defibrillator onsite within schools.


Age Doesn’t...

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Back-to-School Sports Safety Checklist


With September just around the corner, back-to-school means back to organized school sports! We thought it would be a great time to give our recommendations for being prepared in active indoor and outdoor...

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