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Spring Hiking Checklist

3/21/2018 12:54 PM

Spring Hiking Checklist



Happy First Day of Spring!

It’s nearing that time for ideal hiking conditions: not too hot, not too cold, lots of greenery, blooms and if you’re lucky some wildlife (friendly wildlife of course)!

We want you to be prepared for all of the adventures in...

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What Should I Know Before Choosing an AED?  

Shopping for a defibrillator can seem quite intimidating due to all of the different models, manufacturers and high prices. First Aid Canada is happy to provide four different types of defibrillators; all of which are trustworthy, easy to use and set at appropriate prices. This...

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5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

As we are well into Heart Month 2018 – If you haven’t been following on social media we have been posting an interesting “Fact of The Day” or health tip every day to celebrate #HeartMonth!


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Family First Aid & Heart Safety in the Home


Because it is officially #HeartMonth 2018 the First Aid Canada team feels it is important to kindly address safety within the home. The home is a place we spend a large amount of our time each day and night. Both family and friends will...

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It's Officially #HeartMonth 2018!


What is Heart Month?

Heart month happens every February! Heart Month is meant to spread awareness of heart disease and stroke to promote prevention, and at the same time raise money for research on the best treatments when people do get...

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