WoundStop Pro Compress Bandage – 10.2 cm

  • Sterile, easy-to-use, one-piece compress bandage for the treatment of heavily bleeding injuries and trauma
  • Stops blood flow efficiently and applies pressure directly to the wound site
  • Patented design uses a unique pressure bar that applies pressure and facilitates various bandaging options for dressing the wound
  • Non-adherent pad features a super-absorbent inner layer and will not stick to the wound
  • Includes white rubber elastic tails for extra compression and a secure, comfortable fit
  • Consolidates numerous treatment devices into a single unit; no need for separate primary and secondary dressings, pressure applicators, tourniquets or closures
  • Straight-forward and simple to apply; can be applied with one hand
  • Packaged in waterproof polyethylene pouches
  • Offers the same features as the original Israeli BandageĀ® while offering a more light-weight material, more compact packaging, and less cost
  • 10 x 20 cm (3.93″x 7.87″) sterile, non-adherent pad
  • 3.8m (12.6′) fully expanded elasticized wrapping leader


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Product Specifications

Brand: WoundStop

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